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Elitestudent - Wie werde ich besser als der Durchschnitt?

The best book for any student that wants to become the best he can be, and significantly better than average.

Why do some people ace their studies, while other fall behind? How can you get better grades without losing your social life?

This book will answer these questions and equips you with the skills, habits and routines you need if you want to play with the best.

Ten Chapters of Skills


What are the differences between elite and average students? How can you acquire the Elite mindset and results? Chapter 1, "The Elite" gives you a start on these questions.

Interested in finding out how smart students are using their knowledge of neuroscientific research to prime their brain for efficient learning? Would you like to increase your thinking speed by 200%, increase your mental endurance by 100% and learn material not just for the exam, but for the next ten years? Then Chapter 2, "How the Elite learns" is right for you.

Do you have to read a lot for your studies? Would you like to read more with less effort and become better every week? Then Chapter 3 will help you in becoming a faster and better reader.

Be part of the Elite and earn great grades


Want to earn a great grade for your Bachelor and Masterthesis and write awesome application letters? Then you can learn the secrets of effective writing from Chapter 4.

Would you like to learn how to present your ideas and convince people of them? Then Chapter 5 is for you.

Do you want to finish your studies with a strong network and a good reputation? This book will tell you about how to build your network and how to receive great recommendation letters from your professors in Chapter 6, "Networking".

Get the results you want with the right skills


Would you like to know how to form and perform in great teams that work together to accomplish one of your goals? Chapter 7 discusses Teamwork and Project Management and provides you with all the knowledge you need to get results.

If you want to improve your ability to get what you want and to stand up and speak with confidence and persuasiveness, then Chapter 8 will help you increase your Assertiveness.

Getting what you want is important. Negotiation skills help you in covering your interests and dealing with Professors, other students and future bosses? Do you want a well-paying job and good relationships? Then Chapter 9, "Negotiations" is valuable to you.

Finally, if you want to become more focused, procrastinate less often and want to achieve more in less time, then working on your productivity will be easy with Chapter 10, "Self- and Timemanagement".

Awesome results:


If you want to learn how to become the best in your field and finish your studies quickly and with great results, then this book will help to become better than average.

Even better, applying the strategies, skills, habits and routines in this book will make you a valuable asset at any company after you finish your book, opening up jobs that pay 50.000+ Euro starting salary.

Average students spend all their money on DVDs, beer and parties.
The elite invests in education.

I am currently translating the book into english, but you can already order the German version here:
Elitestudent: Wie werde ich besser als der Durchschnitt?

Available on Amazon: