Burn Out - Prevention and Recovery

Burn out - Prevention and Recovery

Many employees suffer from a huge amount of stress, lack of communication inside their team or organisation or uncertainty due to various external challenges. Some of these employees are unable to find solutions for these challenges and suffer from Burn Out, shutting down their motivation and capabilities.

Burn Out results from multiple problems and often results from issues that are easy to tackle on a structural and organizational level, yet are hard to identify and improve upon by the individual employee. And once the Burn Out hits, productivity in teams and units start to go down massively - colleagues need to take over left over tasks, clients become unhappy and work stays undone.

Our expert Dr. Manfred Nelting is a renowned expert with year long experience in providing organizations and invidivuals with solutions to prevent Burn Out.

Every organisation, every individual is unique. Contact us and we will discuss your situation in detail - what can be done to improve the situation, what can be done to prevent problems? Feel free to ask us - we are glad to help.

Burn Out and productivity

Waiting for a colleague to drop from his team due to Burn Out related issues is a dangerous sign - it is normally a strong indicator for structural problems that impact the productivity of the organization as a whole. Instituting policies and rules that support your companies most valuable assets will not only prevent burn out, but can also help in improving the productivity of the whole organization.

Contact us to have a discussion about what could be done to avoid burn out and to improve your companies productivity.

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