Coaching for young and experienced professionals

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Whether you are looking to develop your leadership mind-set, are looking for support in tackling a new challenge or simply want to become better at what you do while furthering your career: Coaching can help you improve your thinking processes, attitude and behaviour in a variety of situations. Working with Michael or Scott, you can greatly improve your performance - in a short amount of time.

If you are an experienced leader or a young talent, Scott and Michael are fully committed to supporting you in your development and provide both a neutral bouncing board for your ideas as well as valuable input regarding the challenges you face.

How does coaching work?

  • Introduction: We will have a discussion about your goals and challenges and will find out what we can do together. If we find that our skills and knowledge could be useful for you, we will proceed to draft a coaching plan. Free
  • Plan: We create a coaching plan together, which becomes the basis for our work and agree on a fee for the service. Free
  • Sessions: Based on our plan, we have single or multiple sessions where we work together to increase your knowledge, refine your skills or practice certain situations.
  • Review: We discuss the results of your coaching and how you have gained from it. We also look for things that can be done next and what we could have done better. Free

Our goal is to help you advance and become better. We think we are pretty good at doing so, and will only accept your money if you are fully satisfied with what we achieved together.

Should you be unhappy with the service we provide, we will not only not charge you anything, but instead sponsor a dinner with your friends.

If you want to move forward now and become more successful, then contact us.

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"I just want to say many thanks to you!

My life has overcome tremendous changes during the last two months, and the initial momentum for them was given by information from your presentation, handouts and private advices.

I am happy that I decided to invest those two days in your training. "
- Anatoliy Antonov