Professionalism and Performance

Professionalism & Performance

This is the best kick-off training for young professionals.

During this course, we provide the foundation for a successful career and efficient personal development. We will discuss two different topics and will consider options for using our newly acquired knowledge within the first year on the job.


  • What does professionalism mean?
  • How do I become a professional?
  • Which skills do I already possess, which should I develop?
  • What will my clients, my boss and colleagues expect from me?
  • Development planning: Targets for the next twelve months.

Professional Performance:

  • Principles of Performance
  • Physical limits - how to deal with them?
  • Mental limits - how to surpass them?
  • Defining relevant expertise
  • Acquiring expertise in the most efficient way
  • Self-reflection as regular ritual
  • Think faster, work better
  • Stress, burnout and the marathon of business life
  • Smart knowledge management during the first year on the job
  • Core skills for success in my field

This course provides theories, skills and habits which were never taught in schools or universities. Long term, these skills will make the difference between stagnation and constantly growing ability and performance.

Taking part in this course, your colleagues will be motivated and encouraged to work smartly and with a clear focus on their task and career. They will learn how to improve their own performance through regular selfreflection. After completion of this seminar, your colleagues will be ready for further skills training required for their job and more motivated to get the most out of subsequent training. Soft skills can easily be acquired by taking part in the other course modules (CS-2, CS-3, CS-4) or by other means.

Handout and Review:

After completion of the seminar, all participants will receive extensive notes of the theory and skills provided. Additionally, they will have the chance to write a review of their learning experience and the application of this knowledge during their daily work. If requested, we will provide a confidential review and feedback for the participant.


  • Understanding the meaning of professionalism
  • Optimal performance while on the job and during learning events
  • Focused and honest self development
  • Highly increased ability to learn on and off the job

Every participant will analyse and handle his career in a more sophisticated way. This leads to better results and a more motivated daily work attitude.

Quick facts:

Length:One day to start a great career.
Participants:1-15 is a good group size.
Prices:Contact me to receive a fair offer.

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