The Soft Skills Training Programm for your Professionals

The optimal soft skill training for professionals

Helping talents to become well-rounded professionals is a regular task for many HR departments.

Below you can find powerful courses that help your colleagues in becoming even better in what they do.


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Compact Soft Skill Training

A complete training covering the six most important skills relevant to all of your employees. This course is perfectly suited to transfering key skills wihtin a short time frame. Details ...

1: Professionalism & Performance

This course provides the relevant scientific foundation for all further skill development trainings and might be, long-term, the most valuable course of the whole programme. Details ...

2: Negotiation Skills

This seminar develops communication and technical negotiation skills. Theory, tactics and techniques will be practiced extensively with cases based on common real-life business situations. Details ...

3: Teamwork

Colleagues gain an understanding of how to perform optimally in a team. Roles, phases and tasks are discussed. In addtion, we also cover the basics of project management, which allows your colleagues to set-up and complete business projects. Details ...

4: International Business Etiquette

Etiquette means showing respect to the other party. However, various cultures have differing assumptions about what constitutes "showing respect". This course provides insight into how to behave respectfully and how to deal with international clients and colleagues. Details ...

5: Presentation Skills

Presenting in front of clients (and colleagues) is easier once you know how. What to say, how to say it? How do you build a story, how do you sell an idea? Contains extensive practical, video and self-reflection exercises in small group sessions. Details ...

6: Personal Productivity

Clients only care about results. Unfortunately, we rarely take the time to reflect our work approaches and the barriers we erect for ourselves. We discuss psychological limitations, the ideal work day and define actions to accomplish more each day. Details ...

Create the perfect training program

If you want to provide your new colleagues with one of the best training programmes, then use our expertise and experience.

  • Contents: Six different seminars, freely combinable.
  • Lenght: Six days to cover all topics, seminars can be extended or cut according to your needs.
  • Participants: Optimal group size is between one and fifteen.
  • Coordination: All courses and course contents will be discussed in advance, industry/company specific adjustments will be made (for free)
  • Preparation: Learning progress can be furthered by handing in a written report of variable length to questions concerning the seminar contents.
  • Review: To encourage reflection, learning reviews can be submitted after six, 18 and 38 weeks. The trainer will provide feedback on these, if requested.
    Additionally, we will be available for further questions and advice concerning the seminar topics.
  • Location: We can work on-site in your company or arrange a suitable location anywhere on this planet. We can take care of this, if you wish.
  • Custom requests: With pleasure. Let us know what your needs are and we will adapt the program.
  • Pricing: If you are interested in learning about our prices, just enter your email in the field below and you'll receive the complete training program PDF which includes all prices.

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Five reasons for choosing us:

  • Enthusiastic: We love our jobs and it shows: Whether its 90 minutes or a full day, participants benefit from our energy and enthusiasm.
  • Practical: Knowledge without application is useless. We practice what we teach and participants can use their skills in real life.
  • Scientific: Theory and facts are taken from the latest research. We are geeks, we are thorough and proud of it.
  • Flexible: Short courses, short notice, weekends, underwater - all fine with us. Your happiness is what counts.
  • Cost-Effective: Dedicated, well-structured and specific core skill training combined with a review has a bigger impact than a normal seminar day.

Download the Program as PDF

Pdf The complete training program with prices, descriptions and contact details. Get the PDF now.

Your email:

(We value your trust. Your email adress won't be shared or sold to anyone.)


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"Delivery and outcome exceeded our expectations. Sessions were very interactive and the presentations highly professional. " - Sven Feistel, Zürich Financial Services

"Abwechslungsreich, kurzweilig, interessant, interaktiv." - Florian Müller, DSM Schweiz