International Business Etiquette

International Business Etiquette

Knowledge of international business etiquette normally isn't high on a young starters priority list - until he is about to face a client with a different cultural background.

This model provides a solid introduction into all matters pertaining to international business etiquette. Etiquette does not concern itself with behaviours suitable to Victorianism, but instead concerns itself with the simple act of showing respect.

Various cultures have different assumptions about what constitutes respect - understanding the background of each culture and knowing about polite and impolite behaviours will mitigate challenges young professionals might face.

Etiquette basics:

  • What does etiquette mean?
  • How does etiquette influence our business?
  • How to deal with insecurity?

Cultural etiquette

  • China, India, UK, Turkey, USA, Northern Europe, Spain, Russia
  • Business etiquette
  • Protocol
  • Gifts and social events


  • Behaviour in the office
  • Networking when abroad
  • Culturally correct email and communication
  • Meetings
  • Business dinners

This module normally covers all relevant material in one day. If you company is operating in specific environments or has a special focus or need regarding business etiquette, then the seminar can be extended to cover specific countries, cultures and situations. In that case, we would prepare a briefing based on interviews with colleagues in your company, natives of that culture and expatriates living there.


  • Understanding common rules of respect
  • Recognizing cultural differences
  • Appropriate behaviour in business and social settings, especially abroad
  • Dealing with insecurities and errors

Quick facts:

Length:One day is enough.
Participants:1-15 are optimal. Less is more.
Prices:Contact me to receive a fair offer.

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