Intercultural Management

Intercultural Management

Our global economy requires close interaction with business partners and colleagues from a variety of nations and cultures. Companies have a variety of reasons for going global and quite a few have already build a sizeable presence abroad.

Once different cultures interact, they will generate friction due to misunderstandings and different points of view. Whether there is a difference regarding the financial outlook (Quarterly, Yearly?), the standards that should be agreed on and used, or how to resolve conflicts and uncertainty - it is easy to find areas of possible conflict.

Intercultural Management helps in finding a common language and solution process that will be useful in a variety of situations. Team members that have received intercultural training will be able to interact with their counter-parts efficiently and freely, while managers with intercultural management training are able to create globally consistent and efficient processes that work by taking the local culture into account.

Intensive Training

We begin this course by discussing areas of potential conflict, then develop possible solution paths that can help us in focusing on our task at hand. We will discuss basic assumptions about life, business and communication challenges and will find out how a different culture might demand a different approach to deal with those.

Our result

This course allows managers to accomplish more with their globally distributed teams. Task related goals are easier to reach once a common language exists, and dealing with problems becomes much easier once an approved and official process is known to all participants. Intercultural management skills help in understanding the various issues that can impact productivity and performance of teams and units and participants of this course have learned to find solutions acceptable and understandable by everyone involved.

Cultures, Countries, Customization

Depending on your companies unique situation, you might have different challenges compared to other companies in your field. Whether it is a different set of countries you are dealing with or whether you have a specific situation that needs resolution, our course will be tailored to your wishes. If you have specific interests that should be covered, then we will discuss them during our preparation and include them in the course for the participants maximum benefit.

We strive to provide you a custom tailored solution that fits your business situation perfectly.

Get in contact to have a short discussion about your situation - maybe we can provide some great advice.

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