Compact core skills course

Compact Soft Skill Training

A complete training covering the six most important skills relevant to all of your employees. This course is perfectly suited to transfering key skills wihtin a short time frame.

Knowing hard facts about your task and company is not enough - employees also need to know how to deal with their superiors, their colleagues and clients. This requires a certain set of abilities rarely thought, commonly called soft skills.

Course content:


  • Foundations of Expertise
  • How professionals think
  • How to learn hard facts the easy way
  • Professionals rarely feel tired - why?
  • Your body is your tool: Maintenance for high performance


  • Team development
  • Tasks to be covered by your team leader members
  • Task distribution - how to optimize performance?
  • Using diversity to your advantage
  • Key skill: How to manage your boss
  • Solving conflicts


  • Three communication styles
  • Our worldview influences our communication
  • Communicating correclty - word choice and levels
  • Dealing with high pressure situations - and enjoying them
  • Understanding cultural communication problems

Negotiation skills:

  • Bargaining for money, negotiating for wealth
  • Key skills for negotiation success
  • Recoginzing strategies and tactics
  • Preparing negotiations in teams and on your own
  • Improving relationships and results

Personal Productivity

  • Personal Mastery - the essence of time- and selfmanagement
  • Focusing on results: Willpower and Control
  • Earning habits, developing systems
  • Time at work vs time working
  • Using analytical tools for better productivity
  • One result per day

Written reviews after the seminar can document the application of new knowledge and provides a chance to receive confidential feedback from the trainer.

Your colleagues will be more focused, will perform better under pressure and will generally have a more professional attitude to their daily work.

Handout and Review

Every participant receives a printed handout with key facts, skills and suggestions for further improvement.

The result

  • Behavioural and cognitive improvement of all relevant skills and a more focused attitude towards work and personal development.


Duration:Three days for a lifelong improvement of both behaviour at and approach towards work.
Participants:1-15 Participants for optimal results
Pricing:Contact me to receive a fair offer.

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