Leadership Training

Leadership Training

In recent years people have mistakenly defined leadership as a particular set of skills that have worked for someone…at some point in time…in some situation. The impact has been that people are trying to define the one set of skills that will make you a good leader.

The truth of the matter is that leadership is not a set of skills. It is a process…a way of thinking. It is a process of identifying the leadership challenge inherent in every situation and determining how to respond to it effectively.

My programs are designed to help leaders at all levels, supervisors, first line managers, all the way to senior level executives, understand this process. I have a variety of formats for applying this concept from group workshops, team building activities, strategic planning meetings, or keynote speaker engagements.

Mr. Neilson’s leadership programmes are designed to reclaim the essentials of effective leadership by helping leaders understand the critical importance and the effective means of building support and commitment to the goals and objectives of the business, and to them as the leader.

The programs are designed in several formats and are tailored to the experience level of participants, from seasoned executives to early and mid-level leaders. The programmes are flexible and are designed to meet your specific needs.

The Directional

A one to two hour senior level motivational programme or keynote address designed to engage leaders in inspiring and leading their teams.

The Application

A one to two day format designed for a senior or mid-level leadership team to develop a common understanding and commitment to the direction in which they will take the organization, and the actions required to get them there.

The Tutorial

A format is designed to provide an in-depth indoctrination to key leadership skills for leaders in the early to mid stages of development.

The workshop includes a detailed discussion of Mr. Neilson’s leadership model, The Hierarchy of Commitment©, as well as use of the most well researched global leadership assessment technologies.

The workshop concludes with individual development planning workshop through which participants gain insights about their own leadership strengths and weaknesses, and learn how to begin the journey of leadership skill development.

Mr. Neilson is also available to provide individual assessment, coaching and specific leadership skill training.

More information about Scott can be found at www.scottneilson.com.
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