Assertiveness and Negotiation Skills

Assertiveness and Negotiations

Young professionals need to learn how to handle difficult discussions with clients, colleagues and superiors while staying calm and professional. Training these situations will improve the communication between all participants and leads to better results.

Training assertiveness and negotiation skills will provide a better chance at communicating correctly, listening actively and conveying opinions, positions and interests in a more suitable manner.

During this course, we will discuss various elements of communication and negotiation theory and will apply them to cases taken from daily practice.


  • Understanding aggressive, passive und assertive communication
  • Overcoming psychological limitations
  • Using verbal jiu-jitsu to get what you need
  • Staying calm and professional under stress


  • When to negotiate, when to bargain?
  • The ten most common negotiation mistakes (and how to avoid them)
  • Four negotiatior types: Who am I?
  • Strategies used by successful negotiators
  • Principled negotiations (Harvard-Principles)
  • Preparing a negotiation in nine easy steps
  • Managing emotions
  • Recognizing and dealing with unfair negotiation tactics
  • Negotiating under stress and time pressure
  • Team based negotiations
  • Closing a deal
  • Reaching results and taking them home

Taking part in this module improves the communication culture within the office and provides a solid base for honest and direct discussions focused on outcomes.

Handout and Review:

After completion of the seminar, all participants will receive extensive notes of the theory and skills provided. Additionally, they will have the chance to write a review of their learning experience and the application of this knowledge during their daily work. If requested, the trainer will provide a confidential review and feedback for the participant.


  • More assertive communication
  • Staying calm and professional, especially when under stress
  • Leading and analysing negotiations
  • Earning great results during negotiations

Participants will be able to communicate more directly and diplomatically. They will express themselves in a calm and professional manner even under stress. Additionally, they will have acquired knowledge of the negotiation process and will be able to lead and analyse negotiations, focusing on tangible and valuable results.

Quick facts:

Length:1 to 3 days, depending on your preferences.
Participants:1-15 are optimal. Less is more.
Prices:Contact me to receive a fair offer.

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