Personal Productivity

Personal Productivity

Your colleagues' time is probably the most valuable resource for your company - and still it gets wasted more often than office space. And even though your colleagues would like to work well and deliver results, they are sometimes slowed by the system they are working in.

At other times, we are slowing ourselves: Routines and habits lead us to procrastinate tasks that should be done or, when we tackle them, we attack them in the wrong way. And even during routine tasks we could still become more efficient, if we would take the time to analyse our work properly. Unfortunately, we rarely have time for that.

This module will provide your colleagues with theory and time to analyse both challenges and to find opportunities for improvement. This will result not only in more and more tangible goals, but also in better results.

Managing yourself - Effectiveness:

  • Setting and tracking goals
  • Long-term thinking: The ten year development plan
  • Reaching goals - why do we procrastinate?
  • Behavioural skills that help us to start the work NOW.
  • Building strength together
  • Independent stressless work

Time Management and Efficiency:

  • Reviewing our daily work schedule
  • Improving our environment: How to tell my boss?
  • The flow-principle: Just being there or working?
  • Swim lane diagrams and other tools
  • The two minute rule
  • Thinking productively: "What's the next useful thing?"
  • Faster, better, more relaxed - every day
  • Burnout unknown
  • My new daily schedule

This course covers two areas of personal producitivty: Self-Management and Time-Management. Once we know how to handle both areas, we will see a big increase in our daily productivity and happiness.

Give your new colleagues a few weeks or months on the job and then send them to this seminar. We will work together on improving their delivery and flow rate and get noticeably better results

Handout and Review:

After completion of the seminar, all participants will receive extensive notes of the theory and skills provided. Additionally, they will have the chance to write a review of their learning experience and the application of this knowledge during their daily work. If requested, the trainer will provide a confidential review and feedback for the participant.


  • Can describe and recognize the difference between efficiency and effectiveness
  • Knows how to handle internal doubts and blockades and can overcome them
  • Can set and archieve goals
  • Knows how to work productively and without negative stress
  • Can independently improve his work environment
  • Knows how to convince his superior to change the environment if necessary to reach higher productivity
  • Has learned routines and habits that increase his productivity

Quick facts:

Length:1 to 2 days, depending on your preferences.
Participants:1-15 are optimal. Less is more.
Prices:Contact me to receive a fair offer.

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