Presentation and Client skills

Presentation and Client Skills

This course consists of two parts. During the first part, we will be discussing effective presentation skills: How do I present and sell my ideas in front of a client or internally? What are my goals? How do I build and structure my arguments? How do I earn attention? And how can I prepare myself in the best way?

Client skills form the second part of the course. How to interact with clients in person or on the phone? How to deal with challenges, problems and mistakes? How do I present the company and myself?

Your new colleagues will be able to present and represent themselves better in front of clients after completion of this course. Using practical exercises (and video reviews), we ensure transfer of the new skills into the daily work environment.

Presentation skills:

  • Why presentations?
  • Ten common errors presenters don't notice themselves
  • Creating an outstanding presentation in ten steps
  • Moving from good to great when presenting
  • Optional tools that make a difference
  • Speaking freely within five minutes
  • Dealing with accidents
  • Convincing on an emotional level

Client skills:

  • Introducing the company and yourself
  • Small-Talk and relationship building
  • Dealing with difficult questions
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Using silence as a tool
  • Verbal fluency - quick mind, smart answer
  • Honesty wins
  • Maintaining a long term relationship

Do you want to support your new colleagues in selling and presenting their ideas with success? Do you want to help them introduce themselves and the company to clients? Then this module is a good investment for your colleagues.


Understanding team development and evolution


  • Knowing how to build an excellent presentation
  • Knowing how to prepare mentally before giving a presentation
  • Can sell an idea to ensure a enthusiastic audience?
  • Can deal with difficult situations when speaking in front of a group
  • Can built a relationship with a client
  • Knows how to maintain a relationship with a client
  • Can deal with challenges occuring during client interactions

Support your young colleagues in representing the company to clients. Whether they are standing on stage or speaking with a client - if they have received some training before challenges arise, they will be well prepared to deal with them and uphold the good reputation of your company.

Quick facts:

Length:1 to 2 days, depending on your preferences.
Participants:1-15 possible, 4 is optimal for doing video reviews.
Prices:Contact me to receive a fair offer.

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